Workshop 1st and 2nd grade: Playing with shadows!

 Hello everyone! Have you ever played with SHADOWS?!

We used play dough to make our character. It was important to remember all the parts of the body! 

After that, we started to move it and outline our character under the sun! What a beatiful shadows!

Then we thought... what happen if we try with a torch? What happen if we use toys? What happen if we mix shadows? It was cool!

Enjoy our photos!

6th grade: EXHIBITION Keith Haring

5th grade: EXHIBITION African masks

5th grade: ARTS AND CRAFTS

We have finished our AFRICAN MASKS! Now it's time to prepare the exhibition.

Today we were working on descriptions playing "Who is Who" game.  We think that we are almost ready to show you our masks very soon...

6th grade: ARTS AND CRAFTS